Are CPAP Machines Worth It?

All too often the first and only solution a person may see for snoring is a CPAP machine. These machines are required in some cases but generally they are not the only choice available.dreamstation vs airsense 10 

Also in the long run these machines have proven to not be as effective simply because they are hard to use. Image sleeping with what looks to be a pilots mask for the rest of your life. I doubt you can. In fact many people give up these devices before the year is out just simply because they are hard to live with.

So what’s the alternative then, surgery? Not when its expensive and can disrupt your life. Ho considering most factors that cause snoring can be controlled naturally, the best way to treat snoring would be naturally. By this we mean doing throat exercises, taking in some lifestyle changes like giving up smoking or losing that extra bit of weight your carrying.

That’s not to say the other methods don’t work. It’s just saying in stead of using those methods as your first choice, why not try and attack the root cause and make some lifestyle changes. Here’s a list of things you can try in stead of a CPAP machine.


  • Don’t drink before bed time
  • Try doing some throat exercises
  • Give up those Cigarettes
  • Eat foods that are less prone to cause snoring (this is a big area you should research)


Or maybe if you have Chronic Snoring and are relying on the CPAP machine to relieve this then why not mix it up with some natural remedies like those listed above. It is certainly worth your while just to spend 3 minutes a night for a week testing a simple throat exercise don’t you think? Give it a go. You may never need to were that mask again to bed after a while.

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